Mythic Day 1 - World First 5/9

by Lozy 28 days ago

Went 5/9 on our first mythic day raid.  Hard to tell if this is going to happen in future tiers, but we had a blast doing it today, which was the goal.  Huge shoutout to everyone that made this possible, from people digging through logs on the bench, to people hearing me ramble about spreadsheets and diagrams during off times in discord.  We achieved 3 world first bosses (Harjatan, Sisters, and Desolate Host), and were the only US guild to end at 5/9M.  Super proud of everyone and can't wait to see where we end up!


Mythic Gul'Down US 10th

by blooblahguy 4 months ago

Pretty sure the guild was sustained with shitty dad-jokes for most of Gul'dan progression. 195 pulls feels like a lot more when each pull is ~10 minutes, and phase 1 after so long feels more like watching hypnosis spiral than playing a video game. Overall though I think this is probably the best tier Blizzard has ever made. But WE NEED A LITTLE DOWNTIME NOW. While we've been mostly immune to burnout (see Dad Jokes), back to back to back "tiers" hurts everyone. Looking forward to some farm time with friends before Tomb of Sargeras.

As always, insane props to our whole guild. Our ranged did a great job sitting on the bench, truly a stellar job. The amount of research and prep our guild did was as always awesome, especially for this last boss. Leave it to us to jump 5+ ranks on the last boss of the tier. Now if we can only put in that prep on the first 9 bosses.

US 10th is incredibly good for a strictly 16 hour a week guild. We are unbelievably lucky to have such an amazing guild with such a great atmosphere, see you all in Tomb!



Here are some of our discord memes from this tier for your viewing pleasure:









Mythic Elisande

by blooblahguy 4 months ago

Bubba literally the only person alive for the kill. Thanks for the carry!