Mythic Varimathras

by Lozy 7 days ago

This fight is both simultaneously the most boring fight ever created and the most exciting.  It's exciting because you're never sure if someone will be out of place by 1 yard and everyone quickly dies.  It's boring because hitting a target dummy give you the same rush as handling mechanics on this fight.  8/11 and onto Coven!!

Antorus Day 1

by Lozy 7 days ago

Day 1 of Mythic Antorus and we raced our way to world/US 2nd!  Very proud of the team and the amount of prep we put in this tier (hours of fake pulling bosses means we can save time on prog).  NA has an ever increasing number of guilds day raiding, and we like to take credit for making that happen.  Getting through splits and 7 bosses is a huge accomplishment, and was truly a team accomplishment.

There aren't too many kill shots since we were more focused on pulling bosses, but here are Imonar and Kingaroth!


Naturally, we'll decay a little bit now since we'll fall back to our 4x4 schedule, but always a ton of fun to get in there and play for a little!

Sanic the Dumbguild - v2

by blooblahguy 24 days ago

We took a week off splits and decided to go for some guild speed runs. We last did this during the 7-year drought of HFC, and decided it would be fun to try again. This time around there have been far fewer guilds participating as a whole, which is great because that means we got rank 1 on every single fight.

Hopefully this kicks off some competition and next weeks we see some more guilds give it a shot the final week before antorus!

Great job as always friends


Edit: This week we also reclaimed our world #1 execution rank. Neat!