Mythic Zul - World 29th

by Lozy 6 hours ago

Got revenge on the guy that killed our king!  Overall, the zerg strat was a little rough with limited rogues, but we still killed this boss in decent time.  Now onto our specialty, the hard bosses!

Mythic Fetid - World 29th

by Lozy 12 hours ago

I don't want to be too toxic in this post (haha because he's a boss in a room full of trash and a trash boss) so here's the kill shot.  Dropped some ranks since we couldn't clean this up post "nerf that actually made it possible to kill under 375 ilvl with perfect play" on Thursday.  We'll make up some of these ranks on the upcoming bosses!

Uldir Day Raid - World First 4/8

by Lozy 12 hours ago

We went back at it again this tier, getting in the instance as early as possible to see how far we could get in one day.  This tier had what felt like the largest participation from US guilds, which is pretty neat to see.  BDG rose to the top (if only briefly) in our tried and tested "sprint the marathon" strategy, claiming 3 world firsts, and finishing the day 4/8!  Unfortunately, due to the 5th boss being mathematically impossible for 48 hours, that's where the fun stopped for everyone on day 1.

Make sure to check out to share the experience with us!  We'll stream it all.

There is no Taloc or MOTHER kill shot, since we were in gogogo-mode, but here are World 67th Zekvoz and World 1st Vectis.